Art Gives - Balance

Balance - the holy grail of our lives! Art can balance a space and balance our emotions.


Balance the scales by giving beautiful gifts to those who have given to you throughout the year.


Art Gives - Identity

Reflect your identity by selecting gifts that reflect your personality. Your gift will always remind the recipient of the special person who gave it to them. 


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Art Gives - Interpretation

Art is always interpretation, but don’t be intimidated, have fun with it!  


While an artist such as Evi O might be exploring her personal observations of objects, cities and landscapes, you might see a magical ice-cream land where the mountains are capped with cherries and love rains down from the sky! There is no wrong answer!


Bring your own interpretation to gift giving this year and give art that talks to you. 


Art Gives - Inspiration

Art can inspire us to think, reflect, question and act.


Give inspiration to create a homely space with paintings filled with greenery and texture by Elizabeth Barnett or invoke the calming power of the ocean with works by Hannah Nowlan inspired by her coastal upbringing. 


Browse our range of original art, handmade objects and limited edition prints to inspire your gift giving this Christmas.


Art Gives - Imagination

Let art spark your imagination this festive season. Take your mind on a journey through the colourful compositions of Madeleine Cruise or ponder the beautiful sculptural creations of Alexandra Standen.


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Art Gives - Form

Art can be anything - from paintings, to music, to jewellery and objects.


Put wearable art pieces from Modern Times on your gift list.


Art Gives - Culture

Art reflects and creates culture. Where would we be without it? Artists observe culture interpreting and dissecting it through their own lens.


Give a dose of culture with works by Billie Justice Thomson that wittily examine highbrow/lowbrow cultural artefacts or works by Yvette Coppersmith inspired by Matisse and Picasso or smaller handmade objects originating from within Melbourne’s own rich culture of makers.


Art Gives - Sanctuary

Art has a way of giving us a sense of calm and peacefulness. Gazing at a favourite piece can provide a moment of sanctuary from our busy lives. The work of Elizabeth Barnett depicting scenes of lived-in domesticity creates a sense of comfort and beauty in the everyday.


Give sanctuary, beauty and comfort with an Elizabeth Barnett original or MT Edition, handmade pots and planters or one-off pieces made with heart and soul.


Art Gives - Colour

Art and colour are inseparable and colour in art can be extremely powerful. Colour can evoke so many emotions, memories and spark the imagination. Colour is a crowd pleaser!


Ellie Malin is a master of colour and manages to combine bold and unexpected colour combinations with the most calming and serene effect.


We have so many beautiful colourful pieces at Modern Times it will be easy to give colour this Christmas!


Art Gives - Memories

Memory can be enshrined in a work of art. Create a memorable Christmas by giving special things. That’s the thing with something special, something handmade, something original as a gift - the care taken in making it and selecting it is embodied in the piece forever.


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Art Gives - Meaning

The meaning of art can be endlessly debated but the gift of art certainly means thoughtfulness and generosity. 


Give gifts made lovingly by artists and makers to show how much you care…and what great taste you have!